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Help: Short tutorial - Stereo Tool 3.10
FM transmitter support: Windows versions
Older Windows versions don't support 192 kHz audio. And if you're using Windows Vista, you need to change some settings to get 192 kHz support.

Required software: Windows XP Service Pack 1 or Windows Vista
Older versions of Windows did not support 192 kHz audio. FM Stereo and RDS cannot be sent using older Windows versions.

Windows Vista only: Configuring 192 kHz output
If you are using Windows Vista, you will need to configure Windows to send 192 kHz data to the sound card. If you don't, any audio sent to the sound card by Stereo Tool will be downsampled to 44.1 kHz by Windows, thus removing any FM Stereo or RDS information.

Go to Start -> Control Panel
Switch to Classic View
Select Sound
Select the sound card that you want to set to 192 kHz.
Go to Advanced.
Under "Default Format", select a 16 or more bits "192000 Hz" setting.

Now it's time to configure Stereo Tool for FM transmitter output.
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