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Help: Short tutorial - Stereo Tool 3.10
FM transmitter support: Hardware: FM transmitter
To be able to broadcast the FM Stereo and RDS signal that is generated by Stereo Tool, your FM transmitter needs to fulfill some requirements.

Required hardware: FM transmitter
In order to be able to use the Stereo Tool FM stereo and RDS encoding, you need an FM transmitter that sends out the data unmodified. This means, among others, that:
  • No pre-emphasis may be performed in the transmitter
  • No filtering of high frequencies may be performed in the transmitter
  • The transmitter must be transmitting in mono
Mono transmitters will usually fulfill these requirements. If your transmitter does perform any processing, try if you can turn it off.
So far, Stereo Tool stereo and RDS encoding has been reported to work with the following FM transmitters:

  • König MP3-FMTRANS20
  • Suono 18 watt

    There have not yet been any reports of transmitters that don't work.

  • Next, check the sound card.

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