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Stereo Tool 7.83 - Help - Processing

  • Pre amplifier
    Amplifies the signal before most of the processing occurs.

    Declipper, Link error '10182' and AGC if Gating based on volume before Pre Amp is enabled ignore this setting. If you want to correct a too low sound card input level, use Input gain instead.

  • Post amplifier
    Amplifies the output signal.

    This slider amplifies the output signal with a value after all the processing has finished. This is in effect a volume slider. If the Simple Clipper, Advanced Clipper and/or Hard Limit output is enabled, this value should not be set higher than 0.00 dB (x1.0). Limit Post Amplifier at 0 dB can be set to enforce this. Otherwise, to avoid distortion, make sure that the output bar display is never completely filled: Too loud output means that the sound will be distorted.

  • Limit Post Amplifier at 0 dB
    Limits Post amplifier at or below 0 dB.

    Normally, there's no good reason to set Post amplifier higher than 0 dB, except maybe when you're testing certain things.

  • Levels panel

    Input and output levels.

    Quick sound adjustments panel

    A few settings that allow quickly making changes in the sound.

    RDS panel

    RDS output overview.
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