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Help: Stereo Tool and SAM Broadcaster (SAM4) - Stereo Tool 3.0
Stereo Tool can be used from within SpacialAudio's radio automation software SAM Broadcaster (SAM3 or SAM4).

Here are some rules of thumb to get a good sound quality. Not following these can result in a crackling sound with frequent hiccups.
  • Turn off all SAM3 internal limiters and compressors. ! ! !
    Go to File -> Config -> Audio Mixer Pipeline, click on one of the AGC buttons, then for every input (Deck A, Deck B, Sound FX, Aux 1, Voice FX and Mixer) turn on Bypass all.
    This only applies if you want to use the Stereo Tool compressors/limiters.

  • Put Stereo Tool at the end of the chain.
    Go to File -> Config -> Audio Mixer Pipeline, press the DSP button of the Mixer path and select Stereo Tool.
    If you select Stereo Tool in multiple paths, they will all revert to the same settings when SAM3 is started again. To be able to use multiple Stereo Tools from within SAM3, you need to make a copy of the file dsp_stereo_tool.dll for each path, eg. dsp_stereo_tool_2.dll, ...

  • Adjust the buffer size.
    On a slower PC, if the output sound starts to stutter, you may need to increase the buffer size. Go to File -> Config -> Audio Mixer Pipeline, click on the Air Out button and move the sliders until the stuttering stops.

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