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Stereo Tool 7.83 - Help - Dequantizer

Dequantizer section

Bit depth increaser.

The Dequantizer can takes files of a certain bit depth (CD's are 16 bit, but you might also have recordings that use less), and calculate a few extra bits. It can clean up quantization noise in the process, if the recording was created without dithering.

This process does generate MP3-like artifacts, however the level of those is much lower than that of the noise that is removed.

  • Enabled
    Enables the Dequantizer.

  • Input
    Tells the Dequantizer how many bits the input signal has.

    Setting this level too high creates more MP3-like artifacts, setting it too low won't fix all the quantization effects.

  • Reduction strength panel

    Maximum amount of quantization noise removal.

    For dithered audio, this level should be set to 2, for non-dithered audio, 1 is sufficient.

    Setting this level too high creates more MP3-like artifacts.

    • Maximum reduction
      Maximum amount of reduction per frequency.

    • Block sizes
      Determines whether only big blocks of audio are processed, or also smaller chunks.

      Smaller chunks can lead to more accurate removal and a cleaner sound, but also more short-term MP3-like 'chirping' artifacts. It also uses more processing power.
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